Vaxcom Celebrates 25 Years

May 18, 2011

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Technology company Vaxcom Services, Inc. reaches a significant corporate milestone on May 23, 2011 as it celebrates a quarter century of service to government and commercial customers. Founded in 1986 to provide secure Information Technology professional services to the U. S. Intelligence Community, Vaxcom was literally born in the hallways of a then-classified location. Building on the legacy of providing superior IT services, the company diversified its service offering in 2003 to include Threat Management Services for customers needing highly skilled, unarmed, discreet protection for their personnel and facilities. Vaxcom has since established itself as an industry leader in Protective Intelligence, with specialization in Surveillance Detection Operations, Vulnerability Assessments and SD/CS training.

A momentous event occurred in 1990 when the original ten employees were offered the opportunity to purchase the company – on the condition that the incorporation and purchase process be completed within 30 days or the company’s primary contract would be lost. With little incorporation experience among them, the next thirty days were filled with soul searching as each employee determined how they could finance their share of the purchase. Through several meetings in basements, parking lots and hotels the employees formed an alliance that ultimately succeeded in closing the deal on September 27, 1990. "It placed tremendous demands on our time and energies, but the principal that made it all a success was an emphasis on taking care of our customer." says R. Paul Warren, Vaxcom’s Chairman and original President and CEO, as he recalls the acquisition.

From the very beginning, the company’s founders established a reputation of values, ethics and success that seemingly gets stronger with every day. Contract consolidation, a global recession and federal budget reductions have not dampened Vaxcom’s prospects or its enthusiasm; in fact, these conditions have forged a stronger resolve and instilled fresh energy. “"This is a very exciting time for Vaxcom," said company President and CEO Eric Stratton. “"As proud as I am of what we’ve achieved in the last 25 years, I am 100% confident that our greatest achievements lie ahead." When describing initiatives, Mr. Stratton added “"We’re making strategic investments in our personnel and in Business Development to enhance growth and align with the evolving marketplace, including the recruitment of a new VP-BD and Advisory Board; the retention of mission-focused business development consultants, and a refresh of the company’s website."

From the founding ten employees to over 300 technical professionals today, Vaxcom continues to provide high quality, cost effective, and responsive professional services. The company is extraordinarily proud of its role as a mission partner and its track record of successful program support. Vaxcom’s average award fee rating is over 98% with a recently-retained contract earning a 5-year award fee average of 99.98%. Vaxcom’s emphasis on corporate culture creates a positive and supportive work environment and is the basis for sustained success. Vaxcom’s average employee retention rate is 99% with average employee tenure of 13 years.

Vaxcom’s ten original employee founders included: Dave Barker, Kent Barton, Thomas Boyd, Thomas Dempster, Larry Hilton, Duane Myers, Mickey Rowlett, Andrew Selph, Keith Thomas, and R. Paul Warren. For more information please visit Vaxcom’s website at