Threat Management Solutions

The global threat is real and it isn’t going away.

Vaxcom offers unparalleled Threat Management knowledge and experience; a result of years of providing successful and cost effective services to members of the U.S. Intelligence Community and law enforcement. Vaxcom’s Threat Management capabilities include an active unit of surveillance experts with a combined 700,000 hours of experience. Vaxcom also has experience deploying personnel outside the continental United States, having successfully deployed over two million hours of overseas threat management support. Specifically, we offer:

Surveillance Detection/Counter Intelligence – Vaxcom personnel are the industry gold standard at observing and detecting patterns of movement or behavior indicative of surveillance activity and operational planning in time to prevent a breach or attack. So much more than a stationary camera or security personnel on a set schedule, Vaxcom experts are plain clothed and almost always in motion – essentially invisible to those who intend harm.

Threat Assessment/Vulnerability Analysis – A threat assessment considers the full spectrum of threats for a given facility. The vulnerability assessment considers weaknesses of the facility/location in the event of an attack and the potential impact if an attack is successful. Vaxcom personnel have the real world experience to help public and private sector customers identify facility weaknesses and make relevant, actionable recommendations for threat mitigation or minimization.

Physical/Facility Security – Vaxcom currently has 150+ fully cleared personnel that provide specialized security support for various facilities, both in the U.S. and in a significant number of countries overseas. Vaxcom personnel have extensive government experience and their resumes are unmatched. In addition to providing a human presence, Vaxcom personnel can deliver observation/monitoring services, reporting, and round-the-clock coverage (24×7, 365 days a year) to meet a variety of security-related needs. Our support includes a full range of armed security services. In regards to our overseas support, we are experienced in coordinating all of the logistics related to the team members’ travel abroad.

VIP/Executive Protection – It has been our experience that where politicians, members of royal families, dignitaries/diplomats, and high-net-worth-individuals are concerned, discretion is key, both in terms of confidentiality but also in terms of not drawing attention to your client. To that end, Vaxcom takes a proactive approach to identifying and avoiding potential confrontations. We assess and evaluate inherent weaknesses in home/workplace security, identify patterns (e.g., in schedule, route, behavior, etc) and provide recommendations for avoidance, and conduct background checks as needed.

Training – Some of our customers prefer to handle Surveillance Detection (SD) and/or Counter Intelligence (CI) in-house. In those instances, Vaxcom assists its customers in the identification and security screening of internal SD/CI candidates and conducts in-depth training and certification for those individuals. We then work alongside the SD/CI team for a specified period to ensure that the program is implemented effectively before fully handing over responsibilities. Vaxcom personnel are also available to periodically update and recertify customer teams on an as needed basis.